What is DiSC?

A Model for Communication Excellence

DiSC assessments are research-based coaching and communication tools that help people understand themselves and others better.  The entire assessment process is done online and the test takes 10-15 minutes to complete.  After taking the DiSC test you will gain access to a detailed 20 plus page self-coaching report with actionable recommendations.

Your personalized assessment is depicted in an easy to understand four-quadrant circle-graph. Your personalized graph will accurately pinpoint preferred and suggested personality and behavioral actions, and  enable you to achieve more personal and business success.

View and download samples reports at the bottom of this page 

It’s a Simple Process

You’ll answer an powerful online questionnaire, and when complete our proprietary system will generate a detailed report based on your unique personality and behavioral characteristics. Once the report is generated you’ll be able to print it off and benefit from the findings for years to come.

The DiSC Profile report draws on nearly 40 years of research and validation.  DiSC assessments place an emphasis on strategies designed to bring your clients unique strengths center stage – while identifying areas for tremendous growth.

Cutting-Edge and Accurate

DiSC assessments use an Adaptive Testing process to ensure consistent results.  Learn more about Adaptive Testing here.

The DiSC assessment process is typically administered online and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. *For organizations that are unable to complete the assessment online we offer DiSC Classic.  DiSC Classic is essentially the same assessment using  a ‘paper and graph’  approach not compatible with internet use. If you are interested in the DiSC Classic version please give us a call: 609-454-0326

Re-Energize Re-Awaken

Taken by more than 40 million people from 80 different countries. Organizations and individuals alike recognize that DiSC enhances productivity, re-engages individuals and teams, and fosters communication excellence.

Where is the DiSC Test used?

DiSC profiles are used in Coaching, Consulting, Human Resources, Education, Business and Sales. 


Functions of DiSC Assessments

  • Enhance Interpersonal Communication
  • Re-engage the Workplace
  • Create High-Performing Teams
  • Optimize Personal Productivity
  • Strengthen Individual & Team Leadership
  • Boost Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Enhance Life and Work Satisfaction


Download Sample DiSC Assessments

After Purchase

After making an online purchase we’ll send a unique access code to the email provided during checkout. Your access code will direct you to a secure assessment site where you will answer a comprehensive set of assessment questions. *The assessment takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

All About You

Upon completion of the online questionnaire our advanced adaptive testing system works behind the scenes to generate a 20-plus page customized report all about YOU.  The report is solutions focused and will serve as your personal coaching tool for greater success.

DiSC Profile reports are extensive, personalized, and include detailed recommendations as well as visual diagrams. Both of which are simple to comprehend and simple to coach or (self-coach) from. Your results will be available for online viewing and download. See a  Sample Assessment Report


Online assessment access codes are sent during our regular business hours (8 AM– 6 PM EST). If you place an order outside of these hours, your access code(s) will be sent the following business day.

If you have further questions please call and one of our trained Performance Consultants will be happy to speak with you.

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