Introduction to the EPIC® Online Delivery System

EPIC® is an online delivery platform, administered by Wiley Publishing, that enables you to personalize the entire assessment process for your employees and clients. With an EPIC account, you have the ability to brand, customize, and deliver assessments with the click of a mouse. Regardless of whether your client is an individual purchasing one assessment, or a corporate client purchasing one hundred, EPIC gives you the flexibility to make things happen on your terms – no more waiting for a third party provider to send assessments to your clients for you. You’re in control!

Here’s how it works:

  • Within the EPIC® Administrator system you customize and brand the report covers with your logo and contact information.
  • From your PC or laptop you administer access codes to your clients via email enabling them to complete the DiSC assessment profile online.
  • Once your client completes the online questionnaire the resulting DISC assessment report goes directly to your client, straight to you, or to both of you — you decide! *This is quite a helpful feature when you do not want your clients to over-analyze the assessment results prior to your coaching session or workshop.

Do you need an EPIC account to use assessments?

No, you do not need to use EPIC® in order to purchase DiSC assessments. The EPIC® Administrator platform is a tool that helps to “professionalize” the delivery and execution of assessments to your clients. EPIC is a luxury! You can make a single DiSC profile purchase by visiting the online store (here).

The EPIC® Platform gives you absolute control over the entire assessment process, which helps you to facilitate a customized, professional deliver. EPIC® grants you the unique access to brand, customize, and send assessments to your clients online at your convenience. With an EPIC® account, any assessment you send to a client will be branded with your business and contact information. This one simple distinction can play a huge role in helping your business be more profitable.

We recommend an EPIC® Administrator account providing:

  • You have the  need to brand assessments with your logo and contact information.
  • You would like control over the reports customization.
  • You anticipate using DiSC with 10 or more clients per year
  • You want access to your own EPIC® database where you can store client reports for future use

If an EPI®C Administrator Account is not the right fit, we are happy to send the assessment links directly to you, which will enable you to distribute them directly to clients.

*Due to the unique identifiers related to every EPIC® account we are not able to customize individual assessment reports on your behalf. We do however make every attempt to personalize the assessment process for you. We accomplish this by sending the assessments links directly to you, allowing you to deliver them your clients. Although assessments purchased without an EPIC account will contain the discaffiliate logo, your clients still receive them from you.

Open an EPIC® account!

What is the process for using an EPIC account?


To open an EPIC® account visit the DiSC Profiles store, or call us at 609-454-0326.  There is a $125 account set-up fee, then we will have your account open within 48 hours. You will be given a temporary password that you will change once entering the EPIC system.


EPIC Credit is the term used to describe the “currency” used within the EPIC® system. Each assessment ‘costs’ a specific number of credits and providing you have the necessary number of credits in your Administrator Account you will be able to access the desired assessment. This Cost Per-Credit document will help you determine how many credits are needed for each report. Cost Per-Credit document will help you determine how many credits are needed for each report.

EPIC credits can be purchased within the other tab located on this page. You can also contact us phone 609-454-0326.  *In most circumstances assessment credits will be placed in your EPIC account within 24-hours of purchase.

Will there be ongoing fees related to my EPIC account?

No! You simply purchase credits for use within the EPIC system and there are no additional fees associated with your EPIC account. We do not charge a monthly or yearly service fee – once you open the account, it’s yours!

How often can I order credits?

As often as needed. When you purchase credits they are typically deposited in your account within 24 hours.

Can I buy credits in bulk?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Purchasing credits in bulk will save you money because we are able to provide you bulk credits at a reduced cost. Please see the attached EPIC Credit document to determine your credit needs. Download the EPIC® Credits Chart.

Do EPIC credits expire?

No they do not. If you were to purchase 1000 credits at the beginning of the year and only use 500 of them during the year, the remaining credits stay in your account until you use them.

Still have questions?

We would love to hear from you. Call us at 609-454-0326 or email

Need to order credits for your existing EPIC® account?

We’ve made it simple to quickly purchase EPIC® credits in fixed amounts. The purchase links below are set in fixed increments allowing us to more easily automate our internal processing. In turn, we pass the savings along to you!

We are happy to place an order for a different number of EPIC credits than what is listed below. It’s a joy to hear from our customers – give us a call and we’ll have your custom order processed the very same day. (609) 454-0326

50 EPIC Credits | $3.30 per credit | Total Cost = $165

100 EPIC credits | $3.20 per credit | Total Cost = $320

150 EPIC credits | $3.10 per credit | Total Cost $465

250 EPIC credits | $2.98 per credit | Total Cost $745

500 EPIC credits | $2.78 per credit | Total Cost $1,390

750 EPIC credits | $2.72 per credit | Total Cost $2,040

1000 EPIC credits | $2.60 per credit | Total Cost $2,600

2500 EPIC credits | $2.40 per credit | Total Cost $6,000

EPIC® credits do not expire. When you purchase credits they remain in your secure EPIC account until you use them.

To see the various assessments and determine how many credits are required for each please refer to the Cost Per EPIC® Credit document.

For security reasons, we do not keep our customers credit cards on file, so when calling to order please have your credit card ready.Call us today! 609-454-0326symantec Secure*


Upon purchase please allow up to 24 hours for the EPIC credits to be placed into your administrator account.

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