Need to order credits for your EPIC account?

We’ve made it simple to purchase EPIC credits online. The purchase links below are set in fixed increments which enables us to automate our internal processing and pass the savings along to you!

50 EPIC Credits | $3.65 per credit | Total Cost = $182.50

100 EPIC credits | $3.55 per credit | Total Cost = $355

200 EPIC credits | $3.40 per credit | Total Cost $680

500 EPIC credits | $3.10 per credit | Total Cost $1,550

1000 EPIC credits | $2.95 per credit | Total Cost $2,950

2500 EPIC credits | $2.40 per credit | Total Cost $6,000

*EPIC credits do not expire. When you purchase credits they remain in your EPIC account until you use them.

To see the various assessments and determine how many credits are required for each, please refer to the downloadable DiSC Assessment Cost Per EPIC Credit document (here).

Not what you’re looking for?

We would be happy to place your custom order. Give us a call and we’ll have your custom order processed the very same day! (609) 454-0326

Please note that for security reasons we do not hold customer’s credit cards on file. When calling to order, please have your credit card ready.
Call us today! 609-454-0326symantec Secure*Upon purchase please allow up to 24 hours for the EPIC credits to be placed into your administrator account.

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