DiSC Consulting and Training

With a team of Certified DiSC Partners, DISC Affiliate Consulting™ can assist you with all of your DiSC organizational development needs.

    • Show you how to use DiSC within your organization in order to gain a competitive edge
    • Demonstrate how DiSC can be a compliment to your current T&D methods 
    • Provide on-line and in-person DiSC teambuilding, communication and leadership workshops
    • Conduct DiSC train-the trainer programs – enabling you to keep training in-house
    • Integrate DiSC into current employee development initiatives

Partner & Midwest Center Director| Howard Fox

Midwest Partner for DiSC Affiliate: Howard Fox

As Partner and DISC Consulting Director for our Midwest region, Howard utilizes a conscientious, thorough approach in order to ensure our clients achieve an extraordinary return on their investment.

Howard is an expert DiSC Assessment specialist and his evidence-based approach to business coaching and organizational development affects long-term transformational change.

Howard is a former Adjunct Faculty at the Adler School of Professional Psychology and is also a career coach, workshop facilitator, and program development specialist for the Career Transitions Center of Chicago.

To reach the Chicago office:
(312) 326-1524


Senior Partner & Northeast Director | Patrick Howell

Patrick Howell, DISC Certified Practioner

Patrick is a top corporate trainer, speaker, and performance coach known for his energetic advocacy of research-based human performance strategies designed to impact lives, and corporate cultures.

After leaving an award-winning career as Director of Corporate Initiatives for the Dale Carnegie Training organization, Patrick spent the past 10 years implementing positive human performance initiatives within organizations such as AT&T, Comcast Cable, and the Department of Defense.

Patrick, with leading applied positive psychology expert Kim Rowe, authored the American Society for Training and Development’s best-selling field manual The Positive Workplace (2014). His self-paced personal effectiveness courses have attracted 10,000 online international students in 140 countries.

Patrick is the lead facilitator of the Certified DISC Professional training program.

To reach the New Jersey office:
(609) 454-0326

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