2016 Certifications

We offer DISC Certified Professional (DCP) training three times per year. Programs are held at Grounds for Sculpture in Princeton NJ – Map or the Sheraton in Eatontown NJ – Map

  • October 16th 9-5:30 Eatontown Sold out
  • December 13th 9-:530 Princeton

This class sells out quickly and seating is limited to 15 participants.  Please call for registration details:
609 -454-0326

DiSC is a four-quadrant model describing distinct personality styles D-I-S-C 


Image of DiSC assessment circular model

Can you have more than one DiSC style? 

While you will typically have one predominant DiSC style, it is not uncommon to be a mixture of two, or even three styles. DiSC assessments help us to recognize the value of each personality type and how they contribute to the health of the organization or community – Everything DiSC assessment will identify and maximize the attributes of each of the four styles.

The Most Comprehensive Assessment Ever Developed

Everything DiSC is considered the most comprehensive personality assessment developed. The DiSC test has been taken by more than 40 million people in 80 countries. Wiley Publishing, has dedicated 40 years in extensive research of the DISC model, ensuring that this assessment tool is one you can rely on.

Dominance (D)

Result-oriented, direct, outspoken, problem-solver

Influence (I)

Enthusiastic, collaborative, outgoing, optimistic, people-oriented

Steadiness (S)

Consistent, stable, rationale, patient, even-tempered

Conscientiousness (C)

Analytically, organized, methodical, detail-oriented


Read a Sample DiSC Assessment Report

With DiSC profiles you can achieve much more – personally and professionally.

DiSC assessments are dynamic coaching tools that will significantly enhance your ability to communicate with others. The report you receive is based on 40 years of research and validation, and the four-quadrant DiSC model is easy to understand. Your DiSC profile report will give you coaching suggestions and a solution-focused approach for enhancing your effectiveness.

Why use a research-validated psychometric profile?

Using DiSC assessments as a coaching tool has been demonstrated to enhance workplace engagement, improve communication skills, and heighten productivity.

Join 40 million people in 80 countries who’ve taken the DiSC personality test and are experiencing more success. 

DiSC Profiles Explained